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Chemical Industry penetrates all levels of our lives and other industries we depend on in the modern world, including clothing, food and beverage, and nearly everything else we come in contact with on daily basis.  Every product manufacturer deals with a supplier who delivers chemicals, whether it is meant for processing oil or welding new train cars.

The heart of the chemical industry is converting raw materials like oil, gas, water, metals and many others, into more than 70,000 different products.

Chemical industry comprises nearly $3 trillion of the global enterprise.  To date chemical companies located in North America and Europe are the largest in the world! The chemical industry has grown tremendously in the last 50 years and represents 2/3 of the entire manufacturing trade surplus of the EU.  The US chemical output nears $400 billion a year.

ECE Global works with the industry’s clients to provide the needed engineering compliance and design services. Safety, Quality and Optimization are all qualities ECE Global’s team of engineers employs when servicing out clients

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