While the EN standards for qualifications of welders are slightly more restrictive than those prescribed by AWS or ASME standards and require additional training of employees, EN 15085 offers these benefits:

  • EN 15085 certification demonstrates to existing and potential customers an organization’s commitment to quality.
  • EN 15085 certification provides access to an enormous market that is heavily invested in and committed to rail transportation.

Manufacturing and Performance Excellence

EN 15085 is an approval standard for companies whose operational goal is to provide welded structures, assemblies and components to the railway industry while meeting personnel qualification, quality system compliance and operations performance requirements.

The intent of the standard is far-reaching.

While the standard provides a baseline of design principles, manufacturing and performance excellence, as well as for the operation of rail stock and related equipment, it too outlines defined performance and quality threshold. EN 15085 intentionally sets communication and approval requirements among business partners and approval authorities, facilitating open discussion regarding project management and potential challenges.

EN 15085 refers to the ISO 3834 standard, which focuses on quality management compliance for fusion welding of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Weld Performance Classes (CP) and Inspection Classes (CT) are assigned according to the outcome of engineering assessments and field experience of a given product. Such will be matched with the quality system and personnel qualification requirements of that manufacturer.

Complying with these principal baseline requirements requires that many objectives concerning the quality and reliability of a finished product be considered. While these standards do not claim that all options and opportunities are addressed for all design and manufacturing conditions, the underlying principles allow for ample consideration of due diligence in attaining a product with the required quality.

How Do We Help?

Organizations seek our expertise for the following reasons:

  • A bid package or contract was provided, and EN 15085 compliance is required. The manufacturer needs to learn how to comply with the requirements.
  • A buyer of equipment is looking for an organization to help with reviewing and auditing the project at the supplier’s facility.
  • A company is interested in knowing what is involved in complying with EN 15085 and the extent of changes required for its system to comply.
  • A certified company is seeking a new certification body.
  • An assessment of system and process requirements
  • The implementation of requirements
  • Training of personnel
  • Support with the supply chain
  • Certification according to EN 15085-2
  • Certification according to ISO 3834

The professionals at ECE Global are experts in both EN 15085 and M-1003 requirements. Thus, we can support organizations that currently maintain one of these two certifications to achieve the other one. In the process, we can minimize additional quality system documentation by combining two processes into one.

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

ECE Global helps our clients with all aspects of EN 15085 projects. Our professional engineers and experts in welding, non-destructive testing, and quality systems have the knowledge and tools to help you achieve your goals. We provide our expertise diligently throughout the process, from the first step to the last.

  • We provide pre-certification and compliance services, through which the cost for certification can be estimated and brought into the project bid package.
  • We are equipped to support companies requiring compliance and certification.
  • We have the credentials to perform welding procedure qualifications and welder performance qualifications for EN 15085 welding certification.
  • We provide a link among all parties through our focus on completing a successful project.

ECE Global is a subject matter expert in the interpretation and application of the requirements and implications of the EN 15085 standards and all standards referenced within it. Engaging ECE Global reaps tangible returns on your investment.

We have worked with rail equipment manufacturers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia … and we’re ready to work with you, too!