ECE Global performs professional independent assessments of rail projects, helping our clients be proactive in the prevention of failures. We specialize in the assessment of welded components and structures, and in conducting the project, product and system audit, including as-built assessments from concept through realization.

In an ideal world, we engage with clients as their projects are starting because issues that are detected early in the process are easier to fix. However, there are times when ECE Global performs assessments of compliance and potential risks during the later stages of a project. Do not hesitate to contact us for an independent assessment even if your project has begun! We’re happy to help at any stage of your project.

The ECE Global Role and Consulting Services

ECE Global offers consulting services to assess product compliance against the applicable project requirements. Providing an independent third-party opinion instills confidence that potential supplier constraints do not negatively impact a project or product performance. After an assessment, we report non-conformities and other concerns and ensure that the client understands the implications so that appropriate actions are taken to address the issues.  

Typical service requests are:

  • Project requirements assessment and validation
  • Project documentation assessment
  • Manufacturer/supplier prerequisite assessment against project requirements
  • Quality process assessment
  • Performance validation for process and personnel
  • As-built assessments in all product realization phases (before, during and after completion)
  • Subcontractor integration and performance assessment
  • First Article Inspection (FAI) assessment

How Do We Help?

ECE Global works with organizations that have an obligation to the public to prove that the rail equipment they buy and operate meets minimum safety standards as stipulated in national or international codes and requirements. We are trusted to provide independent assessments to several groups:

  • Owner/operators of rail vehicles or rail maintenance-of-way equipment; this category includes municipalities, states/provinces, or Class 1 and Class 2 railroads.
  • Buyers and resellers or rail equipment sometimes hire us to perform independent assessments.

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

ECE Global has years of experience in determining compliance with industry safety standards. Our team members are thoroughly familiar with all relevant railroad industry standards, particularly concerning welded components. Our safety assessment team has the expertise to identify non-compliance with local, national, and international railway safety standards at any stage of your project, and the ability to help you understand how to reduce risks.