We create value for organizations through supply chain management. This added value is typically realized through reduced inventory levels, which results in lower carrying costs, and decreased transportation costs as fewer trips between suppliers and manufacturers are required. The overall goal is to optimize the supply chain process while reducing the cost of supplies.

A Range of Supply Chain Support Services

ECE Global understands top supply chain management priorities. Our objectives are to help companies reduce spending across the supply chain, reduce inventory across the supply chain, cut internal costs, improve supplier and customer relationships, and grow their businesses.

Our supply chain management services include:

  • Project management and compliance
  • Analysis of potential and current suppliers and vendors
  • Supplier performance assessment related to manufacturing processes and quality systems
  • Onboarding of new suppliers
  • Vendor monitoring and management
  • Process implementation
  • Process assessment and optimization (quality, system, cycle times)
  • Regulatory and project compliance assessment and support
  • Construction surveillance
  • Product compliance validation
  • On-site audits and audit support
  • Advisory service

How Do We Help?

ECE Global helps clients to determine:

  • Their top supply chain management priorities
  • The importance of a green supply chain and how to achieve it
  • What to look for when selecting suppliers for high-tech products manufacturing
  • Types of compliance essential to satisfying their customers’ requirements
  • Whether company certifications (e.g., ISO 9000, EN 15085, EN 3834, AWS D15.1, etc.) are required
  • If their existing onboarding process is adequate (i.e., Are all involved parties on board and thoroughly integrated into their process?)
  • How to define and implement an effective supplier onboarding process

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

We are true experts in the field of managing welded components projects. ECE Global supports its clients in every phase of a project, including design, manufacturing planning, execution, validation, approvals, and, of course, supply chain optimization, maintaining quality relationships with suppliers, and streamlining communications throughout manufacturing processes that involve suppliers or vendors.

With vast international experience, we are able to understand and resolve challenges and differences between companies and their suppliers. ECE Global provides the highest-quality support, helping you create and maintain an environment that ensures business continuity and empowers best-performing vendors and suppliers, no matter where your vendors and suppliers are located.