We offer welding inspection services related to all aspects of products fabricated via welding, including:

  • Welding optimization
  • Operations assessment
  • Performance improvement
  • Contract compliance
  • Personnel training
  • Weld design review
  • Weld drawing/mapping
  • Testing/validation systems
  • Supply chain support
  • Process and performance approvals

ECE Global Professional Capabilities

While we realize that not every weld must have the quality of a hygienic weld, the importance of compliance with applicable codes and requirements must be taken seriously. Most acceptance criteria for welding are based on design requirements, the service conditions, and the scope and frequency of inspections.

Usually, the approval of welding procedures and welder is done based on the manufacturer’s product scope and/or according to project applications. Still, meeting or exceeding the requirements of the code(s) applied to the welding approval process (e.g., ASME Sect IX, EN 288, ISO 9606-5, etc.) is a fundamental requirement.

If a manufacturer sells products globally, including in Europe, additional requirements or complementary requirements to the ASME Code, for example, should be considered and may be required.

Our mechanical engineers, certified welding engineers (International/European Welding Engineering [IWE, EWE]), certified welding inspectors (CWI AWS D1.1), and qualified welding examiners are trained to perform process and performance approvals, including Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) and Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), as well as Performance Qualifications (PQ) for welder and welding operator. (Note: ECE Global is not an ISO 17025 certified testing facility.)

How Do We Help?

ECE Global helps with many aspects of welding and product fabrication. Our clients seek our advisory services for assistance in solving problems related to production, throughput, quality deficiencies, new and unfamiliar requirements, customer requests, implementation of new portfolio items, and conflicts with a certification body, customer or supplier.

ECE Global is often asked by our clients to:

  • Supervise welding activities
  • Perform weld quality inspections
  • Assess general weld quality and welding performance
  • Evaluate compliance with codes and requirements
  • Support the implementation of QA/QC systems
  • Engage in a project for performance and compliance
  • Provide support to achieve desired certifications
  • Conduct supplier audits

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

We work with owners and operators, engineering companies, fabricators and weld shops in many countries and within many different industries. Our current clients choose to work with us because of our national and international experience combined with our welding, material science and quality management expertise — and you should, too!