Assessing the State of Current Projects

ECE Global helps our clients accurately assess ongoing projects while providing other project support as needed. As part of our project management offering, we determine if applicable requirements are being fulfilled — in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our project management services encompass the areas of pressure equipment and rail equipment operations, and generally focus on:

  • Assessing current plant performance
  • Identifying process improvement opportunities
  • Monitoring key performance operations
  • Gauging product flow through the manufacturing process
  • Evaluating product quality and performance

How Do We Help?

The ECE Global team understands every task associated with each manufacturing position. We develop a framework that effectively identifies areas of improvement while maximizing labor resources and project efficiency for each production facility. Our project management expertise is sought by organizations seeking assistance with:

  • Managing a particular project
  • Solving a plant performance issue
  • Undertaking a plant expansion
  • Improving supply chain performance
  • Meeting customers’ requirements
  • Replacing in-house project management resources
  • Viewing the production floor through a fresh set of eyes

Our Project Management Capabilities

ECE Global becomes a true partner with each client, providing the leadership needed to manage complex projects. Using proven methodologies and experience, we deliver design and engineering projects that meet your business goals. Our work includes:


  • Schedule development
  • Engineering infrastructure
  • Vendor requirements
  • Constructability assessment
  • Compliance objectives



  • Schedule management
  • Methods and procedures
  • Vendor audit
  • Design clarifications
  • Installation qualification



  • Completion assessment
  • Drawings and specifications
  • Construction surveillance
  • As-built documentation
  • Startup and commissioning

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

ECE Global knows operations and performance requirements. Over 20 years of project experience allow us to effectively identify problems and define and implement solutions. We work with people at all levels in an organization and can effectively communicate with everyone.

Our project management work leads to improved production and increased capabilities, which in turn, encourage change. Over time, our manufacturing clients are able to continually meet changing customer expectations, while achieving ever-greater levels of efficiency.