Our vast experience covers equipment operated in North America, Asia, and Europe that is subject to U.S. and European standards and systems, including AAR M-1003, AWS D15.1, BS 7608, EN 12663, EN 15085, ISO 3834-2/-3/-4, ISO 15614, ISO 9606, ISO 14732, ISO 17635, ISO 5817, ISO 10042 and others. We are experts in converting these requirements to our clients’ contracts and projects. (ECE Global is a proud member of the American Welding Society [AWS] and a participant in the standard development process for AWS D15.1.)

Our services cover a range of products and applications in the rail industry, such as maintenance-of-way equipment, passenger cars, welded sub-assemblies and parts, and supply chain assistance. ECE Global is proud to pass our knowledge and experience to our clients — over 100 companies around the globe. Plus, members of our team participate in committee work for the continuation of industry standards development.

Scope of Our Railroad Services

ECE Global utilizes our knowledge of codes and standards and our experience working with the rail industry to help our clients be proactive and successful. We work hard to help our clients optimize their resources through services that include:

  • Code compliance assessments (European and North American regulations)
  • Project cost estimation support (for compliance with European and North American regulations)
  • Engineering assessments
  • Manufacturing excellence assessment
  • Gap/performance assessment audits for fabrication compliance
  • Quality system assessments and certification
  • Welding approvals and qualifications according to ISO/EN, AWS and ASME codes and specifications
  • Consulting services for European and North American regulations and requirements
  • In-service equipment assessments
  • Supply chain support, validations and audits
  • Training

ECE Global Railroad Capabilities

We are experts in the manufacture of assemblies and components, which includes the review of design requirements, drawings, weld maps, welding process approvals, welder performance evaluations, quality system assessments and certification processes. Understanding how requirements apply in the United States as well as in Europe is a valuable contribution to our individual and organizational clients.  

ECE Global is in business to support our clients’ business objectives, whether they are related to sales, operational assessments, quality, quality systems, supply chain assistance or personnel qualification. We are able to holistically assess a complex project and define its increments, helping clients to express and comply with key performance indicators (KPIs). We are truly the industry’s value-added resource.

Who Do We Help?

  • Owner/operators
  • Buyers/purchasers
  • Manufacturers/OEMs
  • Consulting companies

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

For decades, ECE Global has supported railroad industry organizations around the world. Our mission is to guide and support our clients in achieving their national and international goals. As a specialized service company, we understand that our clients’ success is our main goal and the key to our success.

Let us earn your trust. We travel anywhere we are needed!