Our engineers take the following steps to complete each project:

  • Review individual products and complex assemblies
  • Apply relevant codes and requirements
  • Prepare documentation for reviews and approvals (e.g., calculations, risk assessments or HAZOPs, 2- and 3-D drawings, inspection records, etc.)
  • Create customized solutions as needed

Project Supervisory and Inspection Services

ECE Global supervises each project according to its objectives and regulatory or code requirements. Inspections are performed properly to validate compliance with the project and thoroughly documented.

We consider holding costs and adhering to time commitments to be key performance indicators. As such, we seek to achieve project management and resource performance objectives as close as possible to budgets and deadlines.  

We are problem solvers, hired to keep projects moving and to get them back on track when things aren’t going well. Either way, we are committed to keeping you informed. During the course of the project, we evaluate any deviations, analyze the causes, and take corrective and/or preventive measures. We employ cloud-based project management software to ensure that all parties are kept up-to-date and fully aware of project performance metrics.

How Do We Help?

ECE Global’s construction project monitoring consultants work with clients who need assistance with:

  • Vendor surveillance to verify that work is performed per applicable codes and customer specs
  • Design/manufacturing drawing reviews
  • Welder performance checks
  • Equipment specifications, code compliance, and client specs and procedures
  • New construction (fabrication/assembly of equipment)
  • Vendor QA system audits to validate that quality and production controls meet project requirements
  • Manufacturing coordination and performance

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

ECE Global professionals work with organizations to help them coordinate complex projects. While creating a single part is easy, producing many parts at exactly the right time for integration with other components and parts is challenging. This process becomes even more difficult when multiple suppliers and locations are involved. ECE Global has the experience and expertise to manage even your most complicated processes successfully.

Our construction monitoring services are provided by highly qualified welding and inspection personnel who apply state- of-the-art inspection and validation techniques and properly prepare the required documentation. ECE Global offers the independent reviews and process audits needed to validate your compliance with the project’s requirements as well as with local, national, and international regulations and specifications.