Our Experience

The actual count of international projects increases day by day. And in conjunction with this increase, a vast amount of nationally applied specification are integrated in international projects. Businesses are required to review, evaluate, and negotiate these project requirements, prior to accepting a contract. Naturally, each business partner wants their set of rules to be accepted.

Who has the time and money to become an expert in every national specification?

And does each negotiating party keep focus on the impact of agreed obligations?

We are here to help you with these important tasks and to point out the impact in production, quality compliance, and final acceptance. Furthermore, we are your partner in the execution and implementation of agreed project requirements. We support you before and during your production with the implementation of fabrication requirements and the management of quality, both at your site or your supplier facility.

We care about your bottom line!

ECE Global adopts your top priorities and provides technical and strategical support to your project. Our aim is to help you to reduce spending across, meet production and quality requirements, provides factual reports and updates, while keeping your customer relationships in focus.

Service Portfolio

  • Project management and compliance
  • Analysis of potential and current suppliers and vendors
  • Supplier performance assessment related to manufacturing processes and quality systems
  • Onboarding of new suppliers
  • Vendor monitoring and management
  • Process implementation
  • Process assessment and optimization (quality, system, cycle times)
  • Regulatory and project compliance assessment and support
  • Construction surveillance
  • Product compliance validation
  • On-site audits and audit support
  • Advisory service