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ECE Global, LLC
Your Global Partner in Engineering, Quality and Safety Compliance
Design - Fabrication - Welding - Inspection - Certification
  • Executive Sales Manager
  • Welding Supervisory Training
  • Welding Coordinator Training (i.e. EN 15085, ISO 14731, AWS D15.1)
  • Welder Training – On-site
  • Drawing Interpretation / Reading
  • Welding Symbols
  • Visual Inspection – Specification Interpretation, Execution, Reporting
  • Codes and Requirements per ISO / EN / European Directives
    (EN 15085, AWS D151.1, AWS D 1.1, ISO 3834, Pressure Eequipment Directive, ATEX, etc.)

ECE Global provides training to meet your specific project and corporate goals, while improving personnel efficiency on daily tasks. We have many years of experience in areas such as:

  • Interpretation of European Directives (Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), ATEX, etc.)
  • Product Certification [CE Marking, π Marking (Transportable Pressure Equipment (TPED))]
  • Welding Technologies
  • Reliability Studies

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General Information

ECE has a certified welding engineer (International / European Welding Engineering Degree – IWE, EWE) and qualified welding examiners on staff. We are trained to perform requisite welding approvals, such as welding procedure specifications (WPS) and welding personnel qualifications (welder and welding operator).

Welding Procedure Approvals and Welder/Welding Operator Qualifications for:

    • Pressure equipment
    • Boiler
    • Transportable pressure equipment (receptacles, cylinders, tanks)
    • Piping and piping systems
    • Accessories
    • Rail equipment (e.g. EN 15085 (DIN 6700); CE Marking; EN 14033; EN 12663), AAR

General Approval Process for:

    • Review of design information
    • Determination of weld requirements
    • Review of existing welding documentation
    • Determination of approval tasks and scope
    • Development of execution plan
    • Execution of tests and approvals
    • Testing of specimens
    • Evaluation of testing results
    • Issuance of certificates and approvals after passing all requirements

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Welding Inspection and Supervision

ECE Staff is qualified to inspect and supervise the majority of your welding activities. Depending on either your clients’ requirements, or as part of selected CE or Pi (π) Marking assessment and approval procedures, welding activities may require supervision by an external agency (see also construction surveillance). We provide services related to welding activities, keeping in mind the importance of certification and compliance, as well as customer satisfaction.

Welding inspections and supervision are a great opportunity for us to add value to your organization. Many of our clients find our technical expertise invaluable due to our keen understanding of the issues and the balance between customer satisfaction, engineering requirements, and the need to obtain certifications and compliance’s.

For instance, it is important to realize that welding is a process which should be considered during design input assessments (e.g. as part of risk assessments and HAZOP studies). We provide support with risk and HAZOP studies, and can effectively support you with such tasks.

Please note that ECE Global, LLC is in the position to provide feedback on documentation as we receive it. We consider it to be value-added to your organization. Just let us know if you would like to receive such inputs!

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Products/Projects & Codes/Standards

Codes & Standards
Skids & Modules
Pressure Equipment
Piping Systems
QA Systems
ASME B31.1-6
European Norms (EN 13445, EN 287..)
AD Merkblätter
ISO Standards
Electrical Specifications


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