About the Supplier Management Process

Supplier management is a rather complex and involved process. The task list may be long and comprehensive, including, but not limited to, identifying qualified suppliers, vetting and qualifying suppliers, monitoring them and validating their work. Each aspect of dealing with suppliers requires different skill sets and subject matter expertise, and each organization has different objectives when engaging consulting companies and external experts.   

ECE Global specializes in consulting around manufactured products and components, especially welded components. We work with raw material supplies (cast materials, carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel-base materials, etc.), system and skid components, and assemblies, as well as completed structures. Our strengths include welding technology and related fabrication processes as well as quality management.

We are retained to perform a range of specific tasks, including supplier capability assessments, quality management program audits, product audits, and project support and acceleration. Our work is performed with due consideration to regulatory requirements, customer requirements, general good manufacturing practices, and codes and standards.

How Do We Help?

ECE Global helps companies that:

  • Need support to manage existing supplier performance
  • Need onsite support with quality or performance improvements
  • Desire to educate their personnel about specialty applications
  • Have resource constraints that limit their ability to manage suppliers
  • Are faced with independent party engagement requirements

Types of Vendor Management Services

To ensure business success, maintaining relationships with your vendors is as important as maintaining customer relationships. Establishing proper communication channels between business partners is the key to increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. ECE Global helps you create an environment designed to ensure business continuity and to empower your highest-performing vendors and suppliers, no matter where their facilities are located.

Our scope of service includes:

  • Vendor/supplier selection (strategy development, defining criteria)
  • Evaluation, assessment and audits
  • Assessment data collection
  • Vendor/supplier integration evaluation
  • Discovery of savings
  • Vendor management
    • Construction surveillance
    • Vendor performance management
    • Vendor requirement planning
    • Project planning and management
    • Relationship building
    • Risk assessments
    • Short- and long-term goal planning
  • Repair shop monitoring

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

ECE Global has the expertise, attention to detail and focus on project objectives that are required to select and manage suppliers. We help clients manage suppliers for their engineering, manufacturing, quality and product compliance projects. Our team delivers performance management and auditing results clearly , and in a manner that allows sound evaluations, trending and scoring. In the end, you get effective improvement measures that are easily implemented.

What sets us apart from our competitors? ECE Global provides:

  • Familiarity with different cultures
  • Efficient vendor selection process
  • Efficient integration of new suppliers
  • Timely identification of risks
  • Streamlined monitoring of strategic vendors
  • Procurement support
  • Effective consolidation of vendors/suppliers
  • Suitable, detailed and customizable reporting