ECE Global consults with owner/operators, manufacturers, as well as with small privately held companies, and start-ups about business performance strategies and internal or customer projects. The trigger for our engagement varies, and at times relates to requiring products or systems to comply with contract or legislative requirements.

We focus on process/operation improvement goals to optimize manufacturing performance and quality, either internally or supplier performance.

The vision for transformation and a plan on how to achieve this are the promise to an organization for integrating the future of the business. ECE Global provides advisory services and hands-on services to convert this promise internally or throughout the supply chain.

Our flexible contracting model fits into each client’s unique needs for short- and long-term resource planning. Whether it’s solving a short-term problem or hiring a complete team to execute a new product launch, we fill in the gaps. During every project, we treat our client’s business as if it were our own, and thus make their goals and desires key to the solutions we offer.


How Do We Help?

Our services are utilized by manufacturing companies and parent organizations that seek support with product and process validations/optimizations and growth challenges. If you need support with your plans (downsizing, upsizing, optimization, validation, assessments advisory), or they are already in jeopardy, look no further than ECE Global.

ECE Global provides management consulting services to innovative engineering and technology companies. We focus on servicing those that manufacture welded components and the various industries in which they are utilized. We typically work with organizations that need our help because they:

  • Entered into contracts with new or unknown requirements
  • Changed their business plans to increase productivity
  • Wish to outsource additional manufacturing processes
  • Are adding requirements to their quality system or increasing its scope
  • Need to get certified according to industry regulations or standards
  • Seek compliance validations for contracts, products or systems
  • Want to add new members to their supply chain or have supplier issues
  • Lack experience or expertise in dealing with suppliers in other parts of the world

From Start to Finish

We help companies navigate through their unique product realization and certification and/or approval journey. We follow a holistic approach, which means that we work with organizations from strategy development through implementation.

We help our clients build their futures. ECE Global is proud to have had a hand in significantly supporting the success of our clients.