Facing facts and implementing reformed directions is a task that must be driven by leaders within any organization. In this effort, ECE Global sees its role as the right subject matter expert that works on the conversion and measurable results with your team. We are working with experts in all levels of your organization, to work for the same goal.

As experts in the world of fabrication and welding, we work with all welding shops in industries like pressure equipment, rail stock and & equipment, as well as passenger transportation.

Owner/Operators of Welded Equipment. We provide welding consulting services to organizations in this sector (e.g., rail transportation or refinery operators) that subcontract work to welding manufacturers. ECE Global joins the manufacturing team, providing the needed support in project or supply chain management while acting as our client’s “eyes on the ground.”

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). We help OEMs of welded components achieve their goals. We assess their performance constraints, implement processes and systems, approve welding procedures (PQR) and/or help them meet welder performance requirements. ECE Global also undertakes a readiness analysis that allows our client to accept a specific contract, prepare for required or desired certifications, or review a business partner and suppliers for their suitability for the client’s projects. 

Welding and Fabrication Support Services

ECE Global’s certified EWEs (European Welding Engineers), CWIs (Certified Welding Inspectors) and qualified welding examiners are trained to perform requisite welding approvals. Our services include welding procedure approvals (PQR), welder performance qualifications (WPQ), in-process (construction surveillance) and final inspections of welded products, as well as welding certification services. In addition, ECE Global supports the implementation of weld management from design and fabrication through inspection and approvals.

Our consulting and training experience enhances welding competency, resulting in a high-performance fabrication environment. Our portfolio includes independent services in welding engineering, welding coordination, welding procedure approvals, welder/operator performance qualifications, and quality assurance/control system assessments and implementation.

How Do We Help?

Our clients have individual reasons for contracting with us. Frequently, ECE Global is hired to:

  • Assess weld shop performance with a focus on compliance and improvement
  • Help the company understand welding code requirements
  • Evaluate compliance with codes and standards to help the company achieve desired certifications
  • Identify alternative methods of complying with as many requirements as possible
  • Support the implementation of QA/QC systems
  • Perform comprehensive supplier audits
  • Assist with the implementation of a new manufacturing facility, plant expansions/additions, moving equipment to new locations and plant closings
  • Train individuals (e.g., certified welding inspectors, welders, project managers)
  • Help the organization with project outsourcing

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

Employing EWEs (European Welding Engineers), IWEs (International Welding Engineers) and CWIs (Certified Welding Inspectors) enables ECE Global to perform work related to almost all welding requirements and applications in most industries. In fact, our welding engineering consulting team works with owner/operators, engineering companies, fabricators and weld shops in diverse industries around the world.

We are often the preferred consultant because of our expertise in welding, knowledge of material science, design assessment capabilities, quality management capabilities, and national and international experience. Whether you need assistance with European or international welding standards or the standards published by the American Welding Society (AWS), we are the internationally savvy company of choice!