International Requirements and Local Practices

ECE Global is able to translate or convert international requirements to local practices. As an example, we help OEMs that accept a project based on requirements that are not part of their daily practice. We interpret the requirements for these clients and apply them to codes with which the OEM team is familiar. In other words, we convey the equivalency of the new requirements with the local requirements to their customer or a local authority. The OEMs then receive permission to operate equipment in the assigned location (i.e., a different state or country).

ECE Global Helps Clients Meet Quality Requirements

We understand project requirements and how to help our clients adapt to requirements that may be new to them. Our inspection and approval services constitute a critical role in determining whether a structural component or assembly performs satisfactorily under operating conditions.

Excellent service and performance skills and attitudes are simply a “given” at ECE Global. What differentiates us from others is our flexibility regarding time and work location. We perform services in Asia, Europe and North America for our clientele.