We specialize in Rail Equipment, Pressure Equipment, Civil and General Weldments, CE Marking requirements (equipment and products used or operated in Europe). ECE Global also has expertise in compliance with the EN, ISO, and DIN Standards, as well as standards published by AAR and the American Welding Society (AWS), as well as ASME, to name a few.

Three Categories of Compliance Requirements

ECE Global supports companies with product and system compliance requirements. Compliance falls into three distinct areas:

Regulatory Compliance. Adherence to and compliance with national and international codes and requirements applies to quality system certifications or product certifications (e.g., CE Marking and AWS standards). Such requirements typically derive from federal, state, and municipal laws or directives.

Regulatory requirements are defined in the best interest and safety of the general public and the users of equipment and products. Typically, assessments of systems and products are performed by organizations that are accredited by a national accreditation organization. In most cases, the OEM maintains the sole responsibility for compliance with the Statement of Work.

Customer Requirements. The customer defines the Statement of Work and which requirements apply. Customer requirements may include national codes and standards, as well as adherence to other regulatory requirements. Adherence to customer requirements may be monitored by the purchaser or an independent surveyor who acts on behalf of the purchaser. In most cases, the OEM maintains the sole responsibility to comply with the Statement of Work.

Compliance with Codes and Standards. Often, this is the obligation of the OEM. The OEM is solely responsible for complying with applicable codes and standards. This is important because if the scope of work does not require adherence to specific codes or standards, measuring quality is a challenging task.

Examples of ECE Global Capabilities

  • Determination of minimum requirements for CE compliance
  • Outlining of options for compliance and assessment procedures
  • Design reviews
  • Rail equipment reviews
  • Risk and hazard analyses
  • Type approvals
  • Quality assurance system audit, review, development, implementation and certification
  • Materials compliance reviews and appraisals
  • Manufacturing process approvals
  • Construction surveillance
  • As-built inspections
  • Technical documentation
  • Operation, maintenance and inspection manuals
  • Declaration of conformity or certificate of compliance
  • Training

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

We have the expertise and global experience to understand a wide array of standards and validation approaches, including the European Directive, ISO/EN specifications, AWS standards and ASME code requirements. ECE Global supports OEMs before, during and after regulatory audits/assessments. We review applicable codes and standards and assess them against many types of regulatory and customer requirements. We produce a gap analysis report and a path-forward plan.