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ECE Global, LLC
Your Global Partner in Engineering, Quality and Safety Compliance
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As Built - final drawing in engineering design. Mnay uses in the oil and gas industry.We  understandsand embrace the relationship between engineering design, inspection, and certification processes and the success of your projects.

We provide an array of expert consulting services, which include engineering and design reviews, quality system audits and pre-certification, product certification support, operations optimization, construction surveillance, inspection and testing, as well as personnel training are available.

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Certification & Validation – Get assistance with your projects from engineering advise and validation, through production and quality systems, managing suppliers, or inspection requirements and code interpretations, in order to successfully certify components and systems.

Industrial Services – Select a specific project or request help with the project/supplier management . We help you dealing with different challenges. Regardless of whether we work for you in the industrial components sectors or rail transportation, we understand the different environments and needs of each business. That‘s why we provide a great variety of customized as well as standard services to meet individual requirements.

Inspections & Approvals –  ECE’s staff is qualified in a broad range of disciplines, enabling us to provide second/third party inspections to verify that product requirements have been meet and all required steps from manufacture to inspection and the declaration of conformity.

Pre-Certification & Consulting – Companies may struggle because their engineering/design group has limited time to review and implement applicable requirements and codes, as it applies to the “global” market. ECE team members have worked in numerous industries and are savvy with many Code of Federal Regulations, European Directives, or AWS, DIN, EN, ISO, and others specifications.

Railroad Technology – ECE Global is one of the rail industry’s leading consulting & advisory service providers, specializing in specialized strategic performance, process performance, engineering & fabrication compliance with regulatory and industry requirements, quality system implementation/validation, and certification of railroad equipment manufacturing companies. Our vast experience covers equipment operated in North America, Asia and Europe, applying standards, such as EN 15085, AWS D15.1 (member of the standard committee), EN 12663, BS 7608, ISO 17635, ISO 5817, ISO 10042, etc.

Welding Technology – ECE Global works with Owner & Operators, engineering companies, fabricators and weld shops in many countries and within many different industries. In almost all cases, we are selected due to our national and international experience, expertise related to welding, material science, quality management. Our mechanical engineer, certified welding engineer (International / European Welding Engineering [IWE, EWE]), CWI (AWS D1.1), and qualified welding examiner are trained to perform process and performance approvals, such as Welding Procedure Qualifications (WPQR) and Specifications (WPS), as well as Performance Qualifications (PQ) for welder and welding operator (note that ECE Global is not an ISO 17025 certified testing facility).

For information about our service portfolio or any inquiry, please contact us either via email or phone. Thank you!


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