Even if you are not required to adhere to this standard, becoming certified is a good idea, as ISO 3834 compliance:

  • Demonstrates your commitment to quality for current and potential customers
  • Helps improve your welding process and improves welding quality
  • Reduces the number of non-conforming components and thereby lowers costs
  • Increases the company’s operational efficiency, particularly in the welding sector
  • Makes your organization more competitive, especially on an international level

ISO 3834 was created as a “special process” subset of ISO 9001. While ISO 9001 documents the overall quality management system, it does not indicate that your organization is capable of competently welding pipes, pressure vessels, or other components and equipment. ISO 3834 identifies the aspects of the welding process that must be controlled to yield a quality item. 

Our ISO 3834 Consulting Services

Third-party ISO 3834 certification is not mandatory. However, the independent verification of compliance, objective confirmation of welding and fabricating competencies and independent welding quality management assessments offer credible proof of compliance. Third-party ISO 3834 certification demonstrates compliance with welding quality requirements in accordance with European and international standards.  

At ECE Global we understands ISO 3834 certification. We offer audits of welding quality, during which we produce records that include a requirements review, materials control documents, welding control process descriptions and procedure qualification records, equipment maintenance reports, welding operators’ qualification certificates, the manufacturing plan, descriptions of heat treatment procedures, non-destructive and destructive test reports, dimensional survey reports, repair records and other documents as required.  

How Do We Help?

ECE Global helps many manufacturers and users of welded metalwork achieve compliance and/or certification. The ISO 3834 standard is relevant to organizations in the following industries:

  • Railroad
  • Pipeline
  • Pressure equipment
  • Petrochemical
  • Civil engineering
  • Public infrastructure
  • … and more

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

ECE Global works with organizations who are in need of additional resources to implement and/or maintain welding quality management in-house. In addition we are here to help companies prepare for certification from scratch, while taking advantage of what already is implemented and simply fill in the gaps. Our experience and knowledge allow us to implement a plan, create documentation quickly and get you on the road to certification as soon as possible, regardless of your starting point. Plus, we help our clients maintain ISO 3834 compliance through the years.

Our professionals have specific expertise in the management of weld shops and their systems, including ISO 3834 certification and a well-earned reputation for helping organizations meet the quality requirements. Because we offer services around a range of certifications, ECE Global is the one-stop-shop for all your system and product certification needs.