Technology - Processes - Systems - Supply Chain
Consulting Company

  • Railroad, Pressure Equipment, Welded Components Manufacturers
  • Products and Systems Compliance to Codes, Standards & Customer Requirements
  • Codes & Standards: AAR, ASME, ASTM, AWS, API, EN, ISO, DIN, CE Marking, …
  • Experience: Asia, Europe, North America  

Clearing the Roadblocks to Your Success

ECE Global (Effective Compliance Engineering) offers our expertise to Owners/Operators, Manufactures, Engineering Companies, and Suppliers, to overcome challenges in product realization, manufacturability, systems, and compliance.

Solutions for Special Industries

ECE Global provides consulting services in engineering & design, fabrication & assembly, inspection & approvals, quality systems, and validation & certification to clients in these industries:

Railroad Equipment
Pressure Equipment
Manufacturing & Assembly

We offer flexible, customized solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

Railway Manufacturers 365
B2B & Networking Platform to Railway Experts

Home to the Railway World to owner / operators, engineering companies, manufacturers & suppliers, and consulting experts of welded and bonded products to collaborate and keep their projects on track.

A Trusted Partner

Many of the organizations we work with have spent years investing in new business capabilities, integrating acquisitions, and modernizing technology stacks, which are essential to bringing best-of-class solutions to market. However, these strategic investments often result in a tangled mess of legacy technology, skill sets, processes, and culture.

We bring 20+ years of global delivery experience to every partnership. We help our clients remove barriers and leverage their core objectives and goals. Our clients trust us to deliver the know-how, strategy, innovative solutions, and disruptive thinking that empower them to succeed. From big global players to revolutionary start-ups, we work with some of the world’s most successful businesses.

Helping Companies Like Yours Succeed

About ECE Global

ECE Global is a problem solver, know-how enhancer, advisor, assessor, and expert consulting company. We focus on our internal as well as client development, performance and progression to solve problems and remove the barriers to success.

We apply our knowledge and expertise to help organizations market their products nationally and internationally while focusing on overall implementation and certification costs. We are committed to integrity, teamwork, performance, and continuous improvement.