We realize that you work hard to keep your business running and profit from growth. And your hard work is exactly our mindset for your business! We are working very hard to help you to meet your goals, might they be internal or external.

With a continuous increase in technology and different ways of communication, the business world is getting smaller rapidly, with the side effect that new rules and requirements apply more frequently, and current operating conditions are under review for adjustment.

We are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ know-how; helping them achieve required or desired goals, approvals, and certifications; and assessing operation execution and performance — all of which contribute to the bottom line.

We apply our knowledge and experience to help you to achieve set goals. As a subject-matter-expert organization, ECE Global understands national and international requirements, as well as business cycles — from the simplest to the most complex — including sales, contract assessments, capability assessment, quality management and quality systems, supply chain assessment and support, operations management, certification and validation of operations and products, and commissioning.

We help with meeting internal, customer, and legislative requirements, with a focus on engineering, manufacturing, inspection, testing, and quality compliance of pressure equipment (plant operation, single unit, kits, and assemblies) and railway equipment and components (new construction and manufacturing operations).

Problem Solvers

When companies don’t know how to solve their problems, but they do know what those problems are, they search for solutions by consulting with us. As a firm that obsesses about solving problems, ECE Global is the solution to their problems — and our professionals are the experts equipped to make their pain points go away.

At the end of the day, people don’t want or care about what we sell. All they care about is that their problems are solved, and ECE Global’s services are simply a means to an end. And that end is a success. We are here to help our clients succeed — we are successful only if our clients succeed!

Who We Help

Our clients generally fall into these categories: owner/operators, OEMs, and suppliers.

Each group seeks our services for project support, operations/production improvements, productivity assessments, and/or education, or certification of products and employees.

In our experience, each group has their private reasons for which we are asked to engage.

Examples are:

Owner and Operators of Equipment. Owner/operators hire ECE Global as advisors, consultants and/or trainers to work with their project team(s) or to support their suppliers via product management, product or system assessments, quality compliance, or production surveillance and monitoring of purchased equipment.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). OEMs contact ECE Global for help in achieving high-quality products, optimal operations, system compliance due to contract, regulatory, or national/international requirements.

Supplier. Suppliers are similar to OEMs, as they seek help with compliance of their operations and products to customer requirements.

How We Work

At ECE Global, we regularly modernize the ways we work and how we view our customer marketplace challenges. Thus, it allows us to continually deliver measurable, sustainable results for our clients and technology sectors.

We strongly believe in empowering each individual, and we expect every team member to become the resource of choice for our clients as well as their colleagues.

We embrace integrity, teamwork, performance, and continuous improvement.

Why Should You Work with ECE Global?

Whether your organization seeks professional contract and project reviews, engineering assessments, production and performance compliance evaluations, quality systems and management, or supplier inspections, ECE Global works with you — wherever you need our services, whether that’s in North or South America, Europe or Asia. We are truly both, geographically flexible, and in our range of services.

ECE Global Mission

ECE Global is a problem solver, trainer, advisor, assessor, and expert consulting company that focuses on resolving our clients’ problems and removing the roadblocks to their success.

Our consulting firm focuses on engineering, manufacturing, quality management, supply chain management, and code compliance requirements. ECE Global is dedicated to increasing our clients’ understanding, improving operation performance, and achieving product and system compliance with internal, national, and international codes and requirements.  

A Brief History

ECE Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2002 to provide advisory or consulting services to help companies comply with European CE Marking requirements, hence achieving their goals, in a cost-effective and timely manner.  

As our portfolio grew over the years, we evolved from a consulting company to an organization that provides advisory and certification services (railroad OEM quality systems only). With this development, ECE Consulting, Inc. added the DBA name of ECE Global. We felt this was necessary because “global” reflects our wide range of services as well as our ability to work anywhere in the world.