The time and effort involved in dealing with certifications and validations are frequently associated with lost productivity. And they are almost always considered as non-value-added costs, which is not true. Every audit and all validations should be seen as inputs for achieving excellence, improving performance, and increasing knowledge. System and performance deviations are defacto positive results of an audit!

ECE Global Helps Clients Achieve Compliance

ECE Global believes that certification and validation processes need not be overwhelming or complicated. Organizations simply need to comply with applicable legislative and industry requirements, codes and standards, and customer specifications. We begin this type of work by reviewing our clients’ existing credentials, certifications and approvals and go from there — it’s just common sense! We also offer pre-certification services to help clients prepare for a certification audit.

Clients utilize our services for a range of reasons, including:

  • Constraints in resources (labor, knowledge, etc.)
  • Lack of understanding of applicable requirements
  • A need for guidance in navigating the process
  • Preference for engaging an experienced external expert
  • The integration process of suppliers and business partners

In today’s vast global market, corporations often depend on companies like ours to complete the tasks that result in the desired certifications and credentials. We apply our market familiarity, an understanding of sound engineering principles, and our knowledge of the requisite rules and requirements to our certification services.

Comprehensive Compliance Services

ECE Global offers assistance throughout your project — from engineering advice and validation, through production and quality systems, supplier management, inspection requirements and code interpretations — to successfully certify components and systems.

Our critical knowledge base, coupled with our relevant engineering and over 20 years of managerial experience, contributes to the effectiveness of our compliance and engineering work. ECE Global enjoys an alliance with the certification body in Europe, through which we provide certification services in accordance with EN 15085-2 and ISO 3834-2, 3, and 4.