Are you battling with the implementation of AWS or ISO welding standards?

Physics and metallurgy are worldwide the same.

However, each welding standard is specific to its country of origination and includes country specific experience. They are written to integrate in the national standardization system.

We are participants in the AWS standard committee!

We are part of the standard committee team for AWS D15.1.

It is an important standard for Railroad Manufacturer’s in the USA and the world around. Requirements from AWS D1.1 are part of this standard. Did you know that you can comply with AWS D15.1 and you are fulfilling the requirements of AWS D1.1?


If you are an expert in ISO welding standards, can you relate these requirements to AWS? We can do it!

It takes time to get to know a welding standard. Does your Project have the time? 

Are you ready to successfully apply these standards and to complete a successful project?

Reviewing your business plan and project accomplishments, do you or does your team have:
  • Struggling with implementing and complying with welding requirements
  • Lacking confidence in meeting or exceeding your 2021 goals
  • Doubts that the project activities are way below what they should be
  • Concerns that customer satisfaction falls short
  • Discovered that the performance of your suppliers needs a boost 


We understand that 2021 is an especially crucial year for so many businesses.

Contact us to learn about the ECE Global powerful process to make you an expert and your projects a success.