Over 25 Years' Experience

Our service portfolio includes operations assessments, engineering, technical and systems audits, inspections, independent evaluations, project management, or being a representation of purchaser.  

Our combined experience adds powerful value to the support you seek with your supply chain and projects, from concept to completion.     

ECE Global specializes in mechanical and welded products, which shall meet specification, codes and requirements applicable in the USA and Europe. We performed audits and provided added value to companies in Aisa, North America, and Europe.

US national code like ASME, AWS, APTA, and API, as well as European regulations and standards for CE Marking of Pressure Equipment, Machinery Equipment, and ATEX, as well as General Manufacturing and Railway Equipment are part of our portfolio.

What type of supplier or Partner do you need?

• A supplier for welded products?
• An expert machining company?
• An expert consulting firm that understands European and USA requirements?
• An engineering firm to support your design and stress analysis?
• Do you seek a long-term business partner?

Industries we serve:

Petroleum (Refining & Production), Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Railway Vehicles and Components, General Fabrication & Assembly, Consulting, Technical & Systems Compliance Services.

Welding Requirements in the USA

It is quite common that products are fabricated according to either the ASME or AWS welding codes or both.

Comparing or converting AWS to ISO (or vice versa) welding records and specification requires a savvy understanding of these welding codes and requirements.

Moreover, it is critical to understand the product design and performance requirements. The importance relates to engineering live cycle and life expectancy assumption, which are reflected in good manufacturing practices and inspection requirements. 

ECE Global understands these requirements.