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ECE Global, LLC
Your Global Partner in Engineering, Quality and Safety Compliance
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Railroad Technology Services

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Over 400 companies trust in us throughout the world!

ECE Global is one of the rail industry’s leading consulting & advisory service providers, focusing on specialized strategic performance, process performance, engineering & fabrication compliance with regulatory and industry requirements, quality system implementation/validation, and certification of railroad equipment manufacturing companies. Our vast experience covers equipment operated in North America, Asia and Europe, applying standards, such as EN 15085, AWS D15.1 (member of the standard committee), EN 12663, BS 7608, ISO 17635, ISO 5817, ISO 10042, etc.

A task of enormous proportion of requirements that must be met, compliance of products to national or international regulations must be ensured and timely delivery must be guaranteed. Under such business essential circumstances, it is prudent to rely on the services provided by an independent party such as ECE Global. We help you to select
competent suppliers (if required), assure the quality of materials and components, as well as to minimize delays.

Our engagement in this field of business is a strength of ECE Global.

We Offer:

– Code Compliance Assessments (European and North American regulations)

– Project Cost Estimation Support for compliance with European and North American regulations

– Engineering Assessments

– Manufacturing Excelence Assessment

– Gap / Performance Assesment Audits for Fabrication Compliance

– Quality System Assessments / Certification

– Welding Approvals and Qualifications according to ISO/EN, AWS and ASME Codes/Specification

– Consulting Services for European and North American Regulations and Requirements

– In Service Equipment Assessments

– Supply Chain Support / Validations / Audits

– Training

– We travel to where we are needed



EN 15085
AWS D15.1
Welding Services


Weld Technology / Welding Management Services (ASME / AWS / API / EN)

  • Engineering / Weld Design
  • Fabrication Surveillance – Assessment – Optimization
  • PQR – WPQ Approvals
  • Certification / Training
  • Quality System Assessment – Implementation – Validation

AAR Inspections

  • Railroad Equipment
  • Tank Car Inspection
  • Truck / Brake Inspection
  • Equipment Lease Return or Sales Assessment
  • Inspection of Damaged Railcars
  • Monitor / Inspection Management of Shop Repair Programs
  • New Build Surveillance (OEM or User/Operator Contracted)
  • New Build / In-Service
  • AWS D15.1, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, AWS, D1.3, AWS D1.6, etc.

EN 15085 Certification / Approval Services

  • Engineering / OEM Certification
  • Consultation
  • Welding Coordination
  • EN Welding Procedure & Welder/Operator Approvals
  • Quality System Assessment / Implementation / Validation
  • EN 15085 Parts 1 to 5, ISO 3834 Parts 1 to 5



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