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Turnaround: a planned, periodic shut down (total or partial) of a process unit or plant to perform maintenance, overhaul and repair operations and to inspect, test and replace process materials and equipment.

Key facts:

  • Turnarounds allow for necessary maintenance and upkeep of operating units and are needed to maintain safe and efficient operations.
  • Turnarounds are scheduled at least 1-2 years in advance and do not necessarily focus on the same operating units.
  • In assessing whether to delay a turnaround, the operator has to include the opportunity cost of a possible unplanned shutdown resulting from the decision to delay the turnaround.
  • Depending on the process unit and the amount of maintenance needed, the length of the turnaround can vary from 1 week to 4 weeks or more.
  • In a refinery, a major turnaround usually will involve the crude unit or the catalytic cracking unit and will result in a more significant decrease in the utilization rate than a minor turnaround that may involve a unit such as the alkylation unit.
  • Not every unit is impacted during every turnaround. For example, in the refining industry the average is about 4 years between turnarounds of catalytic cracking units.
  • In general, the less often units are started up and taken down, the better it is since safety incidents are more likely to occur during these occasions.

ECE can supply support for Plant Turnaround operations at all stages:

  • TAR Planning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Welder Training
  • Construction Surveillance
  • CWI Services
  • API 510, 570, 653 Inspection Services
  • Nondestructive Testing Services
  • Vendor Audits

For more information on how we can support your TAR, Contact ECE today!

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