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Radiographic Testing (RT) is a method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation (high energy photons) to penetrate various materials.

ECE Global specializes in Neutron Radiographic Testing (NR) which uses neutrons instead of photons to penetrate materials. This method allows us to  see different things from X-rays, because neutrons can pass with ease through lead and steel.

Since the amount of radiation emerging from the opposite side of the material can be detected and measured, variations in this amount (or intensity) of radiation are used to determine thickness or composition of material.

Radiographic testing (RT) is

  • A highly effective and sensitive method for thick walled welded pipe
  • Only capable of detecting defects which extend in the direction of the radiographic beam
  • Also confined to the actual weld and the immediately adjacent area
  • The base for welding factor 1.0 according to European and ASME rules.


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