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ECE Global, LLC
Your Global Partner in Engineering, Quality and Safety Compliance
Design - Fabrication - Welding - Inspection - Certification


ECE Global combines Experts, Competence and Experience with Technology

Experience suggests that utilizing the right resources can help you reduce time and finances spent on construction projects

Part of a succesfull production and manufacturing  project in any industry is managing the construction process. ECE Global is your trusted and experienced partner in any of your construction projects, no matter how complex!

We perform Construction Surveillance as related to new, expansion or retrofit construction projects. Whether on-site, off-site or both, ECE Global engineers and technicians go where you need us to be (operating plants, fabricators and component manufacturers, contractors, others).

Monitoring construction projects goes beyond just patrolling for compliance. ECE Global is dedicated to supporting your quality assurance process and helping you ensure that all orders and legal requirements are fulfilled.

The following are steps our engineers take to complete each project:

  • Review individual products and complex assemblies
  • Apply applicable codes and requirements
  • Prepare documentation for reviews and approvals (e.g. calculations, risk assessments, or HAZOP’s, 2/3 D drawings, inspection records, etc.)
  • Create customized solutions

We maintain the ability to combine construction/manufacturing surveillance and inspection services for code compliance and authority approval.

Below are a few examples of of our Construction Surveillance projects.

Service Descriptions / Examples

Vendor Surveillance

New Construction

Design / Manufacturing Drawing Review

Welding Procedure Pre-Production Tests

Welder Performance Checks

Inspection of Workmanship and Quality

Approval Support with National Authority

Commissioning Support or Management

Manufacturer/ Vendor
QA System Audit

Monitor fabrication/assembly of pressure vessels, piping, compressors, pumps, drives, etc. to verify work is being performed per applicable codes and client specifications
Witness performance testing, including material checks, welding, vibration tests of rotating equipment, and more.
Check equipment specifications, data sheets for compliance with codes, standards and client specifications/procedures.
Check mechanical/piping construction drawings for compliance with P&ID’s codes, standards and client specifications/procedures
Follow construction of new units, pressure vessel, piping, tank fabrications and revamps of existing units. We also provide field support engineering, as needed.
Follow installation of rotating machinery to verify installations is in accordance with client specifications and applicable codes
As-built evaluation, drawing updates, and reporting
Establish welding process suitability;
Pre-production test samples (We have Welding Engineers on staff)
Welder (Operator) Approvals (We have Welding Engineers on staff)

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Industry Experience & Clientele

Industry Experience
Biotech & Pharmaceutical
Owner / Operator / OEM / A&E of:PlantsSkids & ModulesPressure EquipmentPiping SystemsMaterials & Components
Food & Beverage
Rail Equipment


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Products/Projects & Codes/Standards

Codes & Standards
Skids & Modules
Pressure Equipment
Piping Systems
QA Systems
ASME B31.1-6
European Norms (EN 13445, EN 287..)
AD Merkblätter
ISO Standards

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