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Inspections based on Potential Risk

Inspections Based on Potential Risk are complex processes, which require careful and detailed development and planning. A comprehensive risk-based program typically considers environmental, economic, safety and other factors. Since Inspections Based on Potential Risks involve the safety and integrity of pressure equipment, this information addresses only safety and environmental considerations.

  • ECE provides recommendations based upon risk and offers end users technical and substantiated evidence to support related business decisions.
  • Inspections Based on Potential Risk act as a management tool, providing input data to inspection and other improvement requirements as determined by the inherent risk of individual pressure equipment, assembly, skid or plant. The inherent risk of a pressure equipment item can be related to the likelihood of the item to fail, multiplied by the expected consequences.
  • Prioritized inspections are a benefit because they assist with work load management, production/operational needs consideration, streamlined scheduling of turnarounds, cost savings, and supply chain management
  • The likelihood and consequences of failure are determined for each item through qualitative or quantitative assessments. The outcome is strongly related to the available information such as design and operation, operating experience, failure modes, inspection procedures and environment. Depending on the information available, an assessment of the likelihood and the severity of a failure can be determined. Documenting the resulting values in a systematic and logical manner is essential for an effective compliance report. Consequently, this report provides an effective measure to prevent harm from unnecessary lack of product efficiencies.
  • Pressure equipment determined to be high risk (greater likelihood of failure and consequent causes related to safety), as well as potential reliability and efficiency shortcomings, are subjected to specific inspection plans and procedures. Equipment which is determined to be a lower risk level is subject to other inspection procedures or intervals.
  • An Inspection Based on Potential Risk approach results in effective management of safety related to pressure equipment and its operation. The findings allow for more efficient allocation of inspection resources, minimizing risk and preventing unnecessarily high costs for inspection. Pertinent information is relayed back to engineering and design, resulting in more effective implementation of improvements in plant safety, reliability, and availability.

ECE Global’s goal is introduce you to our continually expanding knowledge base.

We provide the following risk based inspection services:

  • Risk level determination to safety, environment and operations
  • Inspection Priority Schedules development
  • Inspection Procedures development
  • Online & Interactive Documentation Solutions
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