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ECE Global, LLC
Your Global Partner in Engineering, Quality and Safety Compliance
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Project Management

ECE delivers project management skills and hands-on support to our clientele, quickly and efficiently. Our service portfolio and procedures originate from our successful integration in engineering, design, construction, validation, and commissioning of a multitude of equipment, skids and modules, and plant installations. We are encouraging compliance with and support the implementation of quality assurance systems and strategies such as cGMP, ISO, ASME, European Norms. Our key resources such as project leaders or teams are trained for virtually all plant design, engineering, and validation tasks. We are skilled to work closely with our clients, the assigned vendors, and third-party approval organizations.


Project Engineering Efficiency Improvements

We developed methods and applied tools to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of components, equipment, skids, and piping system designs across multiple suppliers.

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Documentation Collaboration

We coordinate collection, organization, and compilation of Engineering Quality Documentation (EQD), Construction Quality Documentation (CQD), and Validation Documentation (VD), to satisfy mandatory documentation requirements, such as Technical Files per European laws, and internal necessities.

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IQ\OQ Validation and the Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs)

ECE conducts Installation/Operational Qualifications (IQs/OQs) for components, piping and equipment according to design and manufacturing specification requirements. Qualifications are performed in accordance with approved design requirements, a content check of design and as-built drawings, and the outcome of the risk assessments, while ensuring the Essential Safety Requirements (ESRs) are fulfilled as well.

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Engineering and Design

ECE’s clientele trust in the experience and efficiencies we provide to each project. Our design and engineering ability includes complex analysis through drafting services. We have developed our areas of expertise around pressurized systems while also providing complimentary services for structural, electrical, controls and other related plant services.

Safe and Validated Piping Design

Our skills include harmonizing piping detail drawing content and engineering review to ensure safe and suitable designs for high risk piping systems across the project, and satisfying related cGMP installation and validation tasks, and documentation requirements.

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Pressure Equipment Design Review

ECE conducted pressure equipment reviews and approvals for a Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) project, in Europe. ECE supported the owner, A&E firm, and the contracted suppliers with the realization of sound approval strategies, fabrication requirements and component compliance to codes and specifications. The management of third-party approvals (e.g. European CE Marking, etc.) was a major function of this project. Up front compliance reviews included:

Accessibility and safety
Acceptance by the national and international authorities
Risk Assessment
Safety Compliance
Operating Requirements (e.g. Cleaning / Draining Ability)
Auditing of your Manufacturing Facility
In-Service Inspections (Mandatory review by national authorities in Europe)
Inspection Requirements
Specifying Minimum Quality and Compliance Requirements
Specifying Testing Requirements

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Construction Surveillance

ECE performs construction surveillance activities as part of new constructions, renewals, maintenance, and remodeling projects. We have the capacity to manage small and large scale projects. We often combine construction surveillance and inspection services for code compliance and authority approvals. Experience in a multitude of fabrication and production environments include:

  • Petrol
  • Chemical
  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy
  • Rail Equipment
  • Products:

  • Plant Construction
  • Skid and Module Manufacturing
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Piping Systems
  • Gas Cylinder

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International Experience

Many of our clients look forward to expanding internationally. Our service portfolio includes requirements for national and international projects. Every project requires sound strategies and plans for compliance and validation. International projects require close attention to acceptance criteria by the national authorities prior to fabrication or shipping. Rejections or deficiencies can result in expenditures in excess of the budgeted funds. However, plans developed by ECE gained approval of international authorities prior to release of construction activities. Laying the ground work for acceptance upon receipt and commissioning achieved the desired cost savings.

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