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ECE Global, LLC
Your Global Partner in Engineering, Quality and Safety Compliance
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Certifications demonstrate compliance with legislative or specific requirements. Regardless of the nature of the product or system, they provide authorities, clients, and end-users with the desired confidence in terms of quality, safety, reliability, and liability..

The efforts in globalization and resulting global requirements like CE Marking, UL Marking, and others, mandate often that products must be accompanied with a technical description and installation, operation, maintenance instructions. Therewith, the scope of use is clearly defined; and the commissioning tasks at the field of installation or operation receive the required support. Operators and legal authorities rely on certifications in order to be able to justify safety and health for all people, animals and the environment within the area of operations.

Part of the Certification and Validation process of new and proven designs and systems is an assessment of current and good engineering and manufacturing practices; and the applicable codes and requirements pertaining to compliance.

General Overview Table

Per Order
Repeat Construction
CE Marking Pi [π] Marking Equipment Production Certifications per Customer Order
Pi [π] Marking Plant Integrity Management As-Built Construction Surveillance As-Built Inspection & Certification
ISO / QMS ISO / QMS Module / Skid Production EN, ASME / ASME BPE / ASME B31.3
ASME BPE Plant Production
Rail Way Machines and Equipment Rail Way Machines and Equipment Rail Way Machines and Equipment Rail Way Machines and Equipment
Welding (Procedure; Welder; Operator) Welding (Procedure; Welder; Operator) Welding (Procedure; Welder; Operator) Welding (Procedure; Welder; Operator)

As stipulated in the above table, certification services are not only related to code and national certification mandates. We render certification services per client demand, when for instance an expert opinion or evaluation is needed to validate compliance to engineering and/or order requirements.

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In today’s vast global market, corporations often depend on companies like ECE (Effective Compliance and Engineering) to complete tasks, which result in the desired certification and credentials. It’s important that these affidavits sustain national and/or international requirements and business plans. Our critical knowledge base, coupled with our relevant engineering and managerial experience of over 20 years of experience, which allows us to be Effective with Compliance and Engineering tasks.

ECE provides a range of certifications and associated solutions, utilizing the advanced cohesive cross-functional orientation of our service management. We issue certifications with a focus on either internal, external, national and/or international recognition. We apply our market familiarity, an understanding of sound engineering principles, and our knowledge of the requisite rules and requirements to certifications.

Our experience and knowledge base allows us to support you in all disciplines required for the approval of your product.

Examples include:

  • Determination of Minimum Requirements for CE Compliance
  • Outlining of Options for Compliance with Assessment Procedures
  • Design reviews (ASME, AD-2000, EN 13445, ISO, etc.)
  • Rail Equipment reviews according to EN 15085, EN 12663, etc.
  • Rail Equipment reviews according to AAR M-1003, AWS D15.1, etc.
  • Risk and Hazard Analysis (Scope, Strategy, Execution)
  • Type Approvals (Scope, Strategy, Benefits, Execution)
  • Quality Assurance System (Audit and Certification)
  • Quality Assurance System (Reviews, Development and Implementation [consulting prohibits us to certify the system])
  • Material Compliance Review & Particular Material Appraisals (PMA)
  • Approvals of Manufacturing Processes
    • Welding Procedure Approvals(e.g. ASME, AWS, EN 288, ISO 9606)
    • Welder / Operator Certifications (e.g. ASME, AWS, EN 288, EN 1418)
  • Construction Surveillance
  • As-built Inspections
  • Technical Documentation (CE Marking Technical Compliance Files)
  • Operation, Maintenance and Inspection Manuals
  • Declaration of Conformity or Certificate of Compliance
  • Training

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