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As Built - final drawing in engineering design. Mnay uses in the oil and gas industry.We  understandsand embrace the relationship between engineering design, inspection, and certification processes and the success of your projects.

An array of services, including engineering and design, construction surveillance, inspection and testing, validation and approval, certification of products and systems, as well as personnel training are available to you.

Mandatory and voluntary engineering and safety requirements require close attention, which is what we provide. We approach projects by first clarifying and establishing objectives and then applying our expertise to achieve customer’s project goals.

We created a service portfolio that will provide the right solution for you:

Certification & Validation – Get assistance with defining project parameters, managing construction projects and inspections in order to successfully certify components and systems

Industrial Services – Select a specific project or request help with the project/vendor management . Get Engineering & Design support

Inspections & Approvals –  ECE’s staff is qualified in a broad range of disciplines, enabling us to provide second/third party inspections to verify designs, material specification, fabrication specifications, installations and more.

Pre-Certification & Consulting – Companies may struggle because their engineering/design group has limited experience as it applies to the “global” market. ECE team members have worked in numerous industries and can assist you with Code of Federal Regulations as well as the European Safety Directives

Railroad Technology – ECE Global is one of the rail industry’s leading service providers, specializing in engineering, failure assessments, inspection and the approval and certification of railroad equipment manufacturing companies. Our vast experience covers equipment operated in North America, Asia and Europe.

Welding Technology – ECE Global works with fabricators and weld shops in many countries and within many different industries. In almost all cases, we are selected due to our national and international experience, expertise related to welding, material science, quality management. Our certified welding engineer (International / European Welding Engineering Degree [IWE, EWE]) and qualified welding examiner are trained to perform process and performance approvals, such as Welding Procedure Qualifications (WPQR) and Specifications (WPS), as well as Performance Qualifications (PQ) for welder and welding operator.

For information about our service portfolio or any inquiry, please contact us either via email or phone. Thank you!


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