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  • ECE Global combines Experts, Competence and Experience with Technology

    ECE Global delivers premier independent engineering, inspection and testing, assessment and certification services to help companies maintain their competitive presence and to gain access to global markets.

    Our in-country experts ease the path to engineering, fabrication, quality assurance and system/product compliance with cost-effective pricing and quick turnaround times.

    Inspection & Approvals

    • Inspections Services
    • Construction Surveillance
    • As-built Inspections
    • In-Service Inspections
    • Railcar Condition Inspection
    • Monitor Repair Programs
    • Vendor Support Services

    • NDE/NDT Non-Destructive Testing
    • CWI, IWE, EWE
    • Visual Inspections (VT)
    • UT, Phased Array UT, UTT
    • Surface Flaw Detection  (MT, PT)
    • Positive Material ID Check (PMI)
    Welding Technology

    • Welding Technology
    • PQR / WPS Approvals
    • Welder Qualifications
    • Welding Training
    • Welding Coordinator Service
    • Welding Management Systems
    • Failure Assessments
    Compliance Services - ASME, AWS, CE Marking, EN, ISO, ...

    • Engineering Support
    • Quality Management
    • Certification Services
    • Approval Services
    • European Rules (CE, EN, ISO, …)
    • AAR Rules (i.e. M-1002, M-1003, ISO, …)
    • Product Compliance Assessments
    • Pre-Certification / Consulting Services

    • ASME Sect VIII, EN 13445, EN 13480, AD 2000, …
    • CE Marking
    • EN 15085 Welding of Rail Vehicle
    • ISO 3834 Quality System
    • EN 473 NDE Testing
    • Compliance Assessments

    • Pressure Equipment Inspection/Approval
    • AAR Inspection / Assessment Services (i.e. Rule 88.B.2, MSRP, Sect. J)
    • Truck / Brake Assessment
    • Rail Car Fabrication Consultation
    • Quality System Implementation


    ECE Global provides Welding Program Services

    Welder and welding operator performance are key factors in executing high quality welds that meet all applicable requirements. ECE Global provides an array of welding related services, including development of PQR’s, training and/or approving welders and welding operators according to AWS, ASME or ISO / European codes, standards and requirements. AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, ASME Sect. IX, ISO 15614-1, ISO 15614-2, ISO 15613, etc. Click here to find out more!


    Info Calendar

    Welding Coordinator / Welding Supervisor Training – Please contact us

    WPQR: Welding Procedure Qualification Training according to ISO EN 15614 Part 1 and Part 2

    Welder Performance Qualification Training according to ISO 9606 Part 1 and Part 2

    AWS D15.1 Introduction & Information – Please contact us

    Coming soon in Chicago: American European Workgroup for Welding Rail Vehicles (AEWWRV)
    (AWS D15.1, EN 15085 and other standards) (read more …) (Chicago, USA)


    ECE Global provide NDE Services

    ECE Global provides reliable and cost-effective, high-tech NDE Services. Clients appreciate the transparent business module. Are you familiar with Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PA UT)? ECE Global NDE Services includes this high-tech inspection method that can replace radiographic testing (RT). Click here to find out more!


    We are:

    ISO 9000:2008 Certified

    ASME Member Logo ECE Global - AWS Sustaining Membership ASNT Logo


    ECE Global offers you Flexibility and Customized Solutions!

    List of Services                    Industries Served

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