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ECE Global 

Effective Compliance Engineering
in Technology and Systems

ECE Global provides services within Engineering, Welding, Inspection, Quality, Supply Chain Management, and Certification. Our service portfolio includes a wide array of services to many industries, products, and applications. Our goal is to support our customer with their projects, and to maintain and build-up their competitive presence.

Regardless if our client seeks support with engineering, the certification or approval of products, or if an expert assessment on fabricated products or implemented systems is needed, ECE Global is well equipped to support with knowledge and facts. Our experts ease the path from engineering, fabrication, quality assurance, QA/QC/QM systems and product compliance with a cost-effective pricing structure and quick turnaround times.


Inspection & Approvals

  • Inspections Services
  • Construction Surveillance
  • As-built Inspections
  • In-Service Inspections
  • Railcar Condition Inspection
  • Monitor Repair Programs
  • Vendor Support Services

  • NDE/NDT Non-Destructive Testing
  • Visual Inspections (VT)
  • UT, Phased Array UT, UTT
  • Surface Flaw Detection  (MT, PT)
  • Positive Material ID Check (PMI)

Welding Technology

  • Welding Technology
  • PQR / WPS Approvals
  • Welder Qualifications
  • Welding Training
  • Welding Coordinator Service
  • Welding Management Systems
  • Failure Assessments

Compliance Services - ASME, AWS, CE Marking, EN, ISO, ...

  • Engineering Support
  • Quality Management
    (Pre-Certification, Consultation, Hands-on)
  • Certification Services
    (EN 15085, ISO 9000, ISO 3835, …)
  • Approval Services
    (Petro, Chemical, Rail Transportation, …)
  • European Rules
    (CE, EN, ISO, …)
  • AAR Rules (i.e. M-1002, M-1003, ISO, …)
  • Product Compliance Assessments
    (PED, ATEX, Rail, …)
  • Pre-Certification / Consulting Services
    (Products, Systems)

  • ASME Sect VIII, EN 13445, EN 13480, AD 2000,…
  • CE Marking / Pi-Marking
  • EN 15085 Welding of Rail Vehicle
  • ISO 3834 Quality System
  • EN ISO 9712 (473 NDE) Testing
  • Compliance Assessments