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Thomas Schmidt, ECE Global (President & CEO)ECE Consulting, Inc. (DBA: ECE Global) formed in 2002.

The name “Global” represents ECE’s ability to provide a multitude of services within an organization, hence a global provider. In addition, “Global” symbolizes ECE’s geographical flexibility with respect to servicing companies in many locations.

Initially ECE Global had been formed with the focus on combining consulting engineering capabilities with consulting certification services for the European Union (CE Marking). From our Pre-Certification & Consulting and Welding Technology Support Services we developed an Industrial Services and Inspection & Approvals portfolio which supports many industries.

ECE Global delivers premier independent consulting services in engineering, inspection and testing, assessment and certification, to help companies maintain their competitive presence. With our focus on engineering, quality and safety compliance, ECE Global service portfolio includes a wide array of services and knowledge applicable to many industries and products.

Regardless if our client seeks support with the certification or approval of his product or if he seeks an expert assessment on fabricated products or implemented systems, ECE Global is well equipped to support with knowledge and facts. Our expert consulting services ease the path from engineering, fabrication, quality assurance, QA/QC/QM systems and product compliance with a cost-effective pricing structure and quick turnaround times.

For example, historically, North American engineering organizations (A&E Firms [Architectural & Engineering]), as well as OEM’s [Original Equipment Manufacturer’s] almost exclusively provide their services on the basis of national codes and requirements. Often, such do not meet foreign codes and requirements (e.g. European). Therefore, equipment made in North America may not fulfill the applicable requirements and thus the use of such equipment may only be possible with enormous effort and cost.

ECE’s strategies and tools support and assist organizations to market and commission their products nationally and internationally, while saving overall implementation and validation/certification costs. Our business portfolio and strategies apply to design, fabrication/manufacturing, construction surveillance and maintenance, including inspection & approvals and certification.<

The foundation for this multinational opportunity is based on our knowledge of and experience with North American and international codes and requirements. Cost savings and process improvements can be realized due to highly effective competence structures with a realistic and competitive cost framework.

Thank you for your interest in ECE Global!

Thomas Schmidt, President

Industry Experience & Clientele

  • Railway / Railroad
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Engineering Firms
  • Bio fuelBiotech & Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage & Personal Care
  • System Integrator

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