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EN 15085 Certification Services

Over 400 companies throughout the world trust in us!

Manufacturer certification is based on a factory assessment (certification audit). During the assessment, fulfillment with the applicable scope and requirements for quality system, processes, and personnel qualification, will be verified.

The scope of the certification relates to the certification level (CL1 through CL4), the weld performance classes (CPA through CPD), and the required inspection classes (CT1 through CT4).

We provide support through all the necessary steps within the certification process. With our broad regional and international presence, we provide our services wherever you are.

ECE Global is recognized by the German Railroad Administration (EBA) through SLV Duisburg / SLV Halle (Saale) Germany. We provide services to rail equipment manufacturers since mid 1990.

AWS / ASME we know!

In addition to the European requirements, ECE Global staff is proud to be part of the AWS D15.1 Standard Committee. Through the activities with EN and ISO standards and European business practices, as well as the engagement in AWS / ASME projects, we have formed a wide knowledge base and needed understanding.

Our Services for Certification and Assessments

  • EN 15085-2 Certification of Fabrication Companies with Design Engineering Competencies
  • EN 15085-2 Certification of Fabrication Companies without Design Engineering Competencies
  • EN 15085-2 Certification of Design Engineering Competencies without Fabrication Competencies
  • EN 15085-2 Certification of Assembling Companies without Fabrication and Design Engineering Competencies
  • DIN 27201-6 Certification of Repair and Maintenance Facilities
  • ISO 25239 Friction Stir Welding Quality System Assessments
  • Tank Car Manufacturer verification assessments for welding activities according to EN 14025

Our Services for Welding

  • ISO 9606 (all parts) Welder Performance Approval
  • ISO 14732 Welding Operator Qualification Approval
  • ISO 15614 (all parts) Welding Procedure Qualification Approval
  • ISO 15613 Welding Procedure Qualification Approval
  • ISO 14555 Stud Welding Procedure Qualification Approval
  • ISO 10447 Resistance Welding Procedure Approval
  • ISO 25239 Friction Stir Welding Procedure Approvals
  • and many more (learn more …)

Our Services for Personnel Training

  • ISO 14731 Welding Coordinator Training (learn more …)
  • Inspection Personnel Training acc. to ISO (EN) Specification & Testing
  • ISO Weld Symbol Interpretation Training
  • ISO Drawing Interpretation Training
  • Quality System (QA/QC) Requirements Training


EN 15085
AWS D15.1
Welding Services




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