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Inspections & Approvals are central functions within organizations. They can be a profit center, not a cost center, when effective project management is utilized as a key factor to the projects’ success. Project management teams are confronted with many challenges, including level information exchange, updating, strategies, achieved results, and record keeping. Evaluation of inspection and testing procedures or results require both sound engineering and a technical background.

Centralizing Inspections & Approvals

Inspection Adds Value to Projects

Design Input for New Projects:
Improve Safety and Reliability of Equipment
Utilization of Resources
Best Practice Application
Question & Answer
Continuous Improvement of Inspection Technology
Contractor Strategy & Development of Performance Evaluation

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Online Project Management (OPM)

The ECE Solutions’ Online Project Management (OPM) tool supports our clients during the Inspection and Approval processes.

If specified in contract requirements, ECE Solutions can act as a third party when access to records is needed for affidavits, technical files (e.g. as required for CE Marking, FDA, OSHA), or inspection records. The document owner is in the position to conform with mandatory or customer related requirements, and has immediate access when needed.

We store project information based on your negotiated requirements. Access to online documentation is controlled and secured according to your contracted needs. For example, if access to documentation for a specific piece of equipment needs to be granted to additional users, it can be specified within the Online Project Management tool. The level of access to files is fully controlled to prevent unauthorized access.

The Online Project Management system allows real-time secure access to your documentation via the Internet. Whether you need to view information during an important meeting, or show a client a products’ declaration of conformity, project data is at your fingertips. Simply access the Internet and enter your user name and password to view information on your project.

Generally Applied Project Management Steps

  • Conduct project meeting to discuss the application and scope
  • Review project requirements, including engineering, purchasing code and specification requirements
  • Review and development of quality plans (e.g. manufacturing & inspection)
  • Joint review of design information
  • On-site inspections
  • Documentation (in-process & final)
  • Detailed reporting

ECE Solutions is involved in both large and small scale Inspection and Approval projects. The management of documents, timely review and approval, as well as the construction of technical files, is always available. With this OPM tool, ECE is one of the only independent inspection, approval and certification organizations providing such flexible and transparent project execution and customer assistance.

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Original equipment manufacturers, such as JETYD, Inc, a design and engineering organization for professional bolting products, uses our Project Management service to be able to provide our testing documentation and affidavits to its international subsidiaries and business partners. The results are significantly improved customer service and relationships. When we perform inspections and approvals for JETYD, Inc., we provide the required support for their operation to quickly verify their methods of compliance with applicable requirements and specification for materials, testing and inspection.

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Information Management

A very important task for every project is maintaining close control and suitable structure of the documentation. We utilize our Online Project Management (OPM) system to effectively structure and control all documentation requirements. At any time, this online system stores the compliance files on a secured server, from which our clients, their clients, and third parties (i.e. legal authorities) can review and/or download records from any computer with Internet access.

Features & Benefits of our On-Line Project Management Services:

  • Independent management of important affidavits such as CE Marking Documentation, FDA approvals, OSHA forms, marketing and sales information, and many more
  • Internal access to important documents and files at any time
  • Download or upload of project files and information
  • Access control from username and password
  • Library for technical compliance files, required for CE Marking, OSHA, FDA, etc.
  • Online review of a project progression and status

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Industry Experience & Clientele

Industry Experience
Biotech & Pharmaceutical

Owner / Operator / OEM / A&E of:Plants

Skids & Modules

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Food & Beverage
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