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ECE Global, LLC
Your Global Partner in Engineering, Quality and Safety Compliance
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Capabilities and Qualifications

ASNT (SNT-TC-1A), EN 473 and BINDT (PCN) field approved Certified Technicians are committed to on-going training and certification to provide you with the best service with this advanced UT technology.

With ECE Global’s advanced Phased Array UT Non-Destructive Examination (NDE), we can

  • apply the latest technology
  • High-Tech Reporting (Digital & Paper)
  • Real Time Data Aquisition / Collection
  • accurately locate and size flaws / indications
  • determine the direction and type of defects
  • identify the reductions of material due to corrosion, erosion or wear
  • map surface profiles
  • perform verification of material thicknesses

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Technology Background

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PA UT) uses a single transducer containing multiple elements (16 to 128) to send angle beams of sound through the test object. Each element can be individually pulsed to send out timed sound waves, in phases. This creates several beam angles, which combine to make an array. This array identifies changes in the material, such as cracks or inclusions, and shows these indications on the screen.

Simulated PA UT Screen

Typical Weld Inspection Rail Vehicle Axle Scan


Phased Array A-C-S Scan Example

Phased Array Scan

These diagrams demonstrate some of the capabilities of the beam spread; to allow full coverage of a weld or processed assembly during in-process inspection.

With multiple beams, complete scanning coverage of a product is achieved with very little manipulation of the probe.  Many codes and standards require that complete coverage must be demonstrated.

Phased Array UT meets this requirement in an extremely cost effective manner.

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High-Tech Reporting (Digital & Paper) – Real Time Data Aquisition / Collection

ECE Global performs semi-automated Phased Array UT, achieving real time data acquisition and collection. This data may be stored and reviewed at a later date and used as data entry information for statistical processes. Scans can be saved as digital files in different media types, (e.g. CD, DVD, flash drive, hard drive)., and made available for review or print. Available data programs may be used to create reports, or piece many scans together to provide an area view of a surface.


Under Deposit Corrosion Phased Array Scan; 3D Iimage of an Internally Corroded Pipe
Under Deposit Corroded Pipe

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Save Time – Save Money

  • Minimal manipulation of probes for complete weld coverage leads to accurate, rapid sizing and location of indications
  • Fast, accurate identification of indications reduces repair time
  • PA UT does not require a “safety zone”, allowing less interruption to production during testing
  • Results can be viewed immediately, and saved to equipment, eliminating development delays for viewing
  • The ability to show multiple views simultaneously results in quick identification of indications in real time and eliminates the need for reshoots, common with RT
  • The re-inspection of repairs also enjoys all the same cost saving benefits as well.

Pro’s and Con’s

Real time acquisition
Direct access to material required
Location and sizing
Not suitable for small piping
Continuous production
Operator dependent
Quick reliable results
Safer than Radiography

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Industries/Clientele we serve include:

  • BioTech and Pharmaceutical
  • Petroleum and Chemical
  • BioFuels
  • Food, Beverage & Personal Care
  • Rail Equipment / Owner-Operators
  • System Integrators
  • Fabricators
  • Engineering Firms

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