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We specialize in Skid & Module design. It takes experience to effectively define the scope, design, manage construction and then install and commission packaged units.  This experience enables our customers to meet critical safety, schedule, quality and cost objectives.

Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries demand our experience because they are highly regulated and skid and module design enables companies to control the requirements more effectively.

Our clients benefit from ECE’s crossover experience resulting in great attention to detail. Understanding owner/operator concerns regarding compliance, validation and ongoing ownership costs allows us to engineer and design skids and modules for them. We do so according to applicable codes, standards, guidelines and the needs of plant operations and maintenance.

Below are a number of skid and module Service Items which are important:

Descriptions / Examples
Planning & Boundary Definition
Isolating groups of components to be assembled on Skids and Modules is a task that requires experience. For Example, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology plants have Classified area for clean processing and UnClassified areas for utilities. It is more cost effective to locate as much of the process as possible in unclassified space.


Skids and Modules have unique specification requirements. For example, it is not practical to apply a piping specification which was written for field installation. Skids and Modules are built in a controlled environment and hence consideration to Quality Controls and fabrication requirements needs to be contemplated.
Intelligent P&IDs

ECE provides customers with P&IDs that have a database association. Whether we use our standard database or develop one for a specific project, it can be used to manage component and project information.

Equipment & Fabrications

Detailed equipment designs and custom fabrications can be quickly developed in such a manner they can be analyzed for code compliance. ECE Global has years of experience with design\build companies and original equipment manufacturers. The skill and knowledge ECE Global’s team members provide is unmatched.

Piping Details with Database

Piping drawings are key to the overall success of most plant design projects. We provide a complete package to suit each application and we do it efficiently to produce: 2D/3D Models, General Arrangements, Orthographics, Fabrication Isometrics, Weld Map Isometrics, Bill of Material Extraction.
See a Webinar Summary on this topic:
Automating Pipe Drawing Production and Bill of Material Extraction

Frame & Platform Details
Frame work for skid and modules has to be designed in such a way to be self supporting and yet fit the facility and area of installation. ECE has years of experience designing steel framework and platforms for skids and modules.
Electrical and Controls Details

Electrical installation is typically based upon single line drawings and electrical schematics. ECE incorporates the electrical hardware such as control panels, conduit, lighting and alike into 3D models. This modeling allows for generation of installation plans which are detailed and inclusive of Bills of Materials.

Material Management

Material Control is vital to a successful project. ECE uses P&ID and Plant Design Models to extract Bills of Material and Reports which allow for:

  • Purchasing Specifications, Scheduling and Planning
  • Material Receiving Inspection, Segregation and Fabrication Staging
Design Reviews & Qualifications

Design Qualification should be conducted and documented. ECE supports design reviews using state of the art resources which yield graphical perspectives. The pictures along with the review notes provide a historical Qualification method which is highly effective.

Electronic & Hardcopy Documentation

We provide sound solutions that tie technical file contents with P&IDs and the database. Publishing documentation according to the P&ID reference allows one to search by using a flow diagram or by tag number and/or numerous other filters. Consider using ECE’s On-Line Project Management (OPM) tool that enables companies to access project documentation via Internet.

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