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ECE Global, LLC
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Design - Fabrication - Welding - Inspection - Certification

ECE verifies the design of pressure equipment shells, jackets and appendages according to design codes such as:

  • ASME B & PV
  • EN 13445
  • AD Merkblätter

Pressure equipment Risk Assessments are important for establishing Fitness-For Service (FFS) planning.

Generally, pressure equipment manufacturers are required by law to perform design calculations. We work on behalf of our clients to provide Technical Reviews to confirm sound engineering practices have been applied according to application requirements. Performing this Design Qualification review should be a mandatory part of the equipment engineering process as it helps ensure suitability for service before releasing production orders.

Nozzle Load Calculations

ECE calculates initial design parameters for new construction based upon input from piping design. Nozzle loads are generally a result of connected piping or ancillary equipment. Reinforcing nozzles can result in extending the equipment life and also support inspection planning.

Fitness for Service

Fitness-for-Service assessments are an essential tool in evaluating the operational safety and reliability of process plant equipment. ECE has the engineering experience to provide plant operators assurance of on going safety of existing equipment according to recommended practice by API 579.

Risk Assessment

In today’s world, Risk Assessment must be applied and evaluated to confirm:

  1. Safety
  2. Operational limits
  3. Life Expectancy

Pressure equipment determined to be of high risk (likelihood of failure and consequent causes related to safety), as well as having potential reliability and efficiency shortcomings, are targeted for specific inspection plans and procedures such as those created by our Inspections & Approvals Division. Equipment which is determined to be of a lower risk level is subject to other inspection procedures or intervals.

ECE provides recommendations based upon risk and offers end users technical and substantiated evidence to support related business decisions.

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