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ECE Global, LLC
Your Global Partner in Engineering, Quality and Safety Compliance
Design - Fabrication - Welding - Inspection - Certification

Flexibility and Customized Solutions!

ECE Global is dedicated to consistently providing our customers with the highest standards of service and quality. We strive to help our clients achieve their goals by seemlessly integrating customized solutions with their vision. 






Our professional experience includes engineering and managerial expertise, third-party inspections and certifications, welding procedure and process expertise, design and fabrication experience.

Our customers’ experience has shown that in order to reach their specific goals their solutions have to be customized and flexible. Our team at ECE Global not only understands this, but implements this strategy with every customer interaction. The knowledge, experience and passion of our staff members allow us to adapt to your evolving needs. The business objectives we develop together aligns our companies for success.

ECE Global brings experience, competence and commitment to every assignment. 


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