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The first meeting date for the American European Workgroup for Welding Rail Vehicles (AEWWRV) is getting closer. We talked to some of you to define the priority of the first meeting, and would like to thank you for your insight and information.

The intent of the meeting is to represent the interest of the North American Railroaders with focus on exporting its products to EU countries and other global destinations. Our meeting outcome will provide insights, input and advice to Technical Committee’s for the development of AWS D15.1 and EN 15085.

  • Even though these standards are addressing the same industry and same companies, the overall scope and approach is different.
  • How a company may benefit from compliance with one specification to be compliant with the other?
  • What quality system requirements can or shall be adjusted to meet either expectation?
  • Do we really want that AWS PQR or WPS do not find acceptance within the EU certification system?
  • Or why EN WPAR (=PQR) does not find acceptance within the North American certification systems?
  • Why do some accredited bodies insist that a WPS must be in metric units, even though the workforce cannot convert these requirements or when measuring tools do not support metrics?
  • Are you certain that AWS essential welding variables are truly essential for EN/ISO certifications/approvals?
  • What gap must be closed to enable international compliance without creating the wheel again?
  • What weld joints are suitable for both applications in design and fabrication? And why or why not?
  • How can qualified welding experts be accepted according to European welding engineering or specialist requirements?

There are many more subjects and questions that will arise and “require” answers. Join us in defining questions, proposals and answers. But more importantly, join us in our effort to apply the correct interpretations of both standards in further detail and in the creation of needed / wanted guidance to the industry.



08:00 Registration / Continental Breakfast
08:45 Opening / Introduction of Members
09:00 Presentation “Workgroup Purpose & Goals”
09:30 Workgroup Task Development and Documentation
Subject Matter Experts, Meeting Minutes, WWW Application, Assignments
09:50 Discussion
10:45 Topics, Reporting, Communication
Cooperation with Technical Committees for AWS D15.1 and EN 15085
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Summary
13:30 Presentation – EN 15085 and AWS D15.1 – A global Overview
14:15 Discussion
14:45 Quality System Requirements
EN 15085 – Presentation of Quality System Requirements / Discussion and comparison of AWS requirements
15:45 Filtering of standards, requirements
16:15 Task Assignment
16:45 Next Meeting Subject: EN 15085 – Welding Qualifications for Process and Personnel
17:00 Closing