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American-European Committee for Welding Rail Vehicles (AECWRV) - ECE Global American-European Workgroup for Welding Rail Vehicles (AEWWRV)Workgroup concerning AWS D15.1 / EN 15085 

Please note that we are up-dating the information about this event and the AEWWRV frequently. Please revisit this page at your convenience to read about its progress. Also, please share your thoughts and input with us and let us know if we can be of help!


Dear Expert, Colleague, Friend,

ECE Global announces the founding of the American-European Committee for Welding Rail Vehicles (AEWWRV). The AEWWRV defines and provides feedback to the AWS D15.1 Committee, as well as the European Committee for Welding on Railway Vehicles (ECWRV).

We believe that it is time that we, North American manufacturers, operators, national safety authorities as well as manufacturer certification bodies meet on a regular basis to discuss European codes, regulations and norms, with focus on North American applications and dual compliance options.

We will review and compare European Rail codes and norms with our American codes, regulations, and norms and will then present a report to the European Committee. Our reports shall provide insight regarding our analysis and understanding of the European norms, challenges we face, as well as an outline on our engineering and fabrication principles and philosophies.

With that said, the main goal of the committee work is to bring both continents closer and hence support a common understanding of regulations and norms, support opportunities for bilateral trade, and encourage a thorough understanding of the related safety issues.

The purpose of the committee shall not be the creation of a political platform, a tool to discuss private conflicts or means to challenge the performance of countries or companies.

The purpose of the committee shall be to create a factual and technical forum to discuss, develop, and improve codes and norms. It shall also support a better understanding of codes and standards and  provide the opportunity to experience an exchange between Subject Matter Experts.

We are inviting you to participate at the first American-European Committee for Welding Rail Vehicles (AEWWRV) Meeting in October 2012. This year’s meeting will be held in Chicago, at the Marriott O’Hare Hotel. Link to Sign-in

If you would like to present your experience and involvement with EN standards and norms to the committee, please send your excerpt to


Link to AEWWRV Schedule: Click